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Words of Welcome by the President, Ana I. Lima Fernández


With our current Working Plan we intend to outline some of the most outstanding actions of the year 2018. The presence and activity of the Council are not limited exclusively to these lines of action as every day the demands that come to our organization are growing, social workers´ representation, defense of the profession, collaboration with other networks. Although all of them are framed within our action plan, developed in strategic axes that mark the activities and projects that we now present.
There is no doubt of the importance that the “XIII National Conference and I Ibero-American Conference of Social Work” has supposed for our organization. It’s been a success in attendance, participation and contents. The conferees´ evaluations and congrats and as well as from other organizations are for the Council a pride that impels us to continue working. Everything that is exposed has its mark in this program.
In this program we have tried to collect most of the challenges for 2018, with a transversal integration of our work axes, hallmarks of our organization.
In the international arena we intend to expand our global perspective from different social organizations and networks with which we collaborate, so we will be directly participating in the updating of the Ethical Principles of Social Work, the achievement of the goals of the Social Development and Social Work Agenda in the fulfillment of the third pillar about sustainability and environment that urges us to promote communities and environmental sustainability. From this point of view, we must deepen on Social Work´s contribution to the SDGs as development of the 2030 Agenda; this line has been initiated in our last Social Work Conference whose motto was "Building Sustainable Communities".
We are reinforcing our work networks, collaborating with other organizations and joining efforts. Undoubtedly the XIII National Conference and I Ibero-American of Social Work has been one the most import events in recent years, we have grown in participation and the scientific program has left us important contributions. During 2018 we collect that baton, with the impulse of the work done for publication and scientific divulgation of a huge part of the work from these years.
On the other hand, we face the challenge of completing a formalization process of the Ibero-American Social Work and Social Service Network that has been building for more than three years up.
We celebrated the World Social Work Day that took place on the 20th of March, 2018. From the General Spanish Council of Social Work we join us to members of the FITS Europe in the celebration of its 20th anniversary; Brussels will be the epicenter of these events. Also in 2018, for first time we were participating in the celebration of the UN WSWD in New York.
We will celebrate a new edition of the Social Work National Award for, with more than a dozen award-winning personalities that magnify these awards.
Furthermore, in Europe we are directly involved in Social Work´s contribution to the European Pillar of Social Rights and the White Paper on the future of Europe, for this reason we have a flagship project in FITS Europe with which from the Council we are collaborating as part of the working groups, activities with the Commission and the European Parliament and the realization in the first quarter of the year of a Workshop on these issues in the Spanish State to carry out analyzes and proposals from our social reality, ending with a Statement that will be transferring to relevant European institutions a join view from all IFSW members.
This topic is also being worked on from other platforms, highlighting the ESN as a European organization which emphasis is being placed on technologies, innovation, co-production of services and coordination between different areas. We also participate at the Social Policies Semester in Europe collaborating with the preparation of the reports, contributing to the implementation of the report of the Spanish State that is presented to the European Commission, and which also expects collaboration in some training activities from the European perspective.
In recent years, the political agenda has been marked by an institutional crisis of governments and lack of co-responsibility with citizens. We resume our Campaign “Social Rights for Dignity”, placing no longer the focus on the crisis but on the consequences of those cuts and austerity measures. We will have the collaboration of other platforms and networks to generate synergies that contribute to raise our complaints and proposals regarding social policies that distance themselves from citizenship and the need to strengthen a more social Europe.
Raising the proposals that from the collegiate organization we consider good practices, and as we have already done, working with the IFWS Europe and the ESN.
In the arena of good practices, we want to reinforce our professional identity and promote useful tools to social workers. The General Council´s Commission on Ethics has been constituted and we will develop some documents, standards and framework guides in order to support the professional practice in different intervention fields. Therefore, we make an important commitment to participation and the creation of spots and from the Spanish Oficial Associations of Social Work as demanded.
Likewise, regarding the defense of profession issues, we are immersed in the process of the regulation of our profession in Spain, after having contributed to the approval of the Description of Social Workers role in the Database of the European Commission that considers the profession as regulated with reservation of activity, protection of academic degree and obligation of membership. Also, we are collaborating with the competent Ministries for the recognition of qualifications to be able to practice in Spain.
We will endorse the Social Services´ model from Social Work that we are developing in a process of Council´s members participation and that we will do with the same spirit that characterized the “Guadarrama´s Encounter” (organizational meeting), we will see in a new edition of the Political Forum, we will carry out training talks and a new meeting professional in the II Conference of Municipal Social Services that we intend to carry out at the end of the year. We will complete the preparation process of the Data Protection Guide for Social Services and the preparation of the III Report on Social Services (III ISSE) that will deepen the vision of the profession in Social Services new challenges.
We will continue with the demands of include Social Work in Health, for the recognition of the profession as Health, the delimitation of the functions and the coordination with other entities to establish alliances in these actions.
Being sure that we will also continue working in all the current intervention areas such as education, housing, penitentiaries, mediation, etc., in all kinds of scenarios, trying to meet the demands that come to us.
We have as a transverse axis our duty to also work all these issues within the communication area, and include them in the political agenda providing our professional vision to them, as well as the different publications and research that close our program with numerous commitments within the editorial line of the Spanish Council.
I want to seize the opportunity that these lines bring to me to thank so many people with whom we have shared events and moments that have contributed substantially to the work we have done over the years. I can only thank your commitment and dedication, your recognition of our work and the thrust you have always given from the Colleges to the Council.



Ana Isabel Lima Fernández

President of the Spanish General Council of Social Work

President of the International Federation of Social Workers - European Region (IFSW Europe)

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